“All The Secret Places” by Anna Carlisle


By Anna Carlisle


For those who may have missed the incredible debut by this author, the first in the Gin Sullivan series called “Dark Road Home,” readers were introduced to Gin who was living in Chicago and working as a medical examiner. Gin had lost her little sister, Lily, right after she had graduated from high school. With Lily’s disappearance, Gin’s family unit had fallen apart. It was twenty years later that Gin got the call while working in Chicago telling her that a body was found in the woods outside her hometown. Going home, she had to face many past mistakes as well as confront an old boyfriend who had been the prime suspect in Lily’s disappearance.

In this follow-up novel, Gin is living in that small hometown of Trumbull, Pennsylvania. Taking an extended leave from her job in the M.E.’s office, readers watch as the old spark is reignited with Jake, Gin’s old boyfriend from high school. But Jake is not done with controversy. This time around, his construction firm is working on a new housing development when it all goes up in smoke. Not only is the project destroyed, but a corpse has also been found underneath one of the burnt-out homes.

Gin’s head spins when the identification of the body shows it to be a man who could very well have been the culprit who had people locking their doors a long time ago in Trumbull; the violent offender that could be responsible for everything that destroyed Gin’s life when she was a teenager. Now, a new killer has to be found.

What readers thought was frightening the first time around becomes even more so. More secrets are uncovered, more lies, and even more suspects come to light as Gin does her best to find the truth and bury the past once and for all. All that can be said is Gin Sullivan is one character who has to be seen again!

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