“A-List” by D.P. Lyle


By D.P. Lyle

Author D.P. Lyle certainly knows how to pen a series. With this latest series based on Jake Longly, Private Investigator, readers embark on Longly’s second mystery that takes place in the colorful, one-of-a-kind, “Big Easy.”

Jake and Nicole Jamison are heading to New Orleans to give some aid to Nicole’s uncle, Charles Balfour. Balfour is a movie producer who is in more than a bind when you think about the repercussions that could occur…now that his star actor, Kirk Ford, has woken up in bed with the dead body of a college girl named Kristi Guidry by his side.

“The Big Easy” is the location of Balfour’s movie shoot, and when Jake gets there he is amazed at the reality he finds, seeing as that the details are far more like something a screenwriter would’ve created and not real life at all.

Kirk Ford remembers almost nothing about the evening before. He also has no explanation whatsoever how and/or why this girl was murdered. And just to make matters worse, it just so happens that the corpse was the niece of a local Mafia Don who will make sure that his kin’s death is avenged at once. As money wanes because of the gossip and danger, the movie is stopped in its’ tracks. The actor’s name must be cleared…fast. Add in all kinds of suspects, from Kristi’s friends to her ex-boyfriend; as well as adding in advice from homicide detectives and even a local fortune teller, and you have a thriller that is all-out fantastic!

D.P. Lyle has made sure to give the reader a tale where the slogan: “Nothing is Easy in The Big Easy” will stick with you long after you’re done reading. Jake Longly is yet another character created by Lyle whose next adventure is worth the wait.

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