“Dark Saturday” by Nicci French


By Nicci French

For anyone who has been following the extraordinary “week” that the husband and wife team (Sean French and Nicci Gerrard) has been writing, then you, like the other die-hard fans out there, will be happy to see “Saturday” come.

Central character, psychotherapist Frieda Klein, is still dealing with her past. She firmly believes that the killer who damaged her life is still out there just waiting to strike again. This time out, a friend of hers has asked her to simply sit down and assess a patient being held in a secure psychiatric hospital.

The woman’s name is Hannah Docherty. It was ten years ago that Hannah was arrested for killing her entire family inside their house. Hannah was arrested by a particular officer who Frieda speaks to about the crime, letting him know that she believes the police made a mistake all those years ago. Trouble is, Hannah is also causing trouble in the asylum where she happens to be, confiscating knives and using them on other patients/inmates. Hannah, however, barely speaks, and when she does the words make no sense. In fact, she is a poster child for the criminally insane. So why does Frieda want to help this girl so much and prove that ten years ago the cops caught the wrong person? You have to read it to find out.

It is amazing the detective work this woman does while being a psychotherapist. She digs up the crime of the century ten years later and finds some truly extraordinary facts that were overlooked by others in the legal profession. But wanting to help this woman and trying to figure out if this woman even wants her help are two different things, and the path Frieda walks is frightening. Add to this a side story that plays out regarding her past stalker, and you have a goose bump-raising thriller that is definitely setting up fans to have a drop-dead exciting “Sunday.”

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