“Field of Fire” by Marc Cameron



By Marc Cameron

Cameron’s fantastic character, Jericho Quinn, is once again at the forefront of this incredibly awesome read.

At a high school football game in Dallas, Texas, a lethal nerve gas is let out into the stadium and all fingers point to ISIS—especially since the people seen releasing the gas were dressed like members of the terrorist group.

The next target is Los Angeles, where innocent lives are taken away. The National Security Advisor for the President calls on Jericho Quinn, and others with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI), to uncover the criminals and stop the threat before another attack.

The gas is called ‘New Archangel’ and is said to be linked to a Russian chemist by the name of Kostya Volodin. But as the search for the man commences, it is found that Volodin and his daughter have disappeared and are currently in hiding. It’s not that he doesn’t want to help America. In fact, Volodin wanted to defect to the U.S. and he’s hiding from Russian officials who are desperately trying to find their scientist before he releases anymore news concerning their lethal gas. Yes, it is the Russians who are responsible for these attacks, with blame being set on a terror organization that call themselves the Black Hundreds.

Quinn is asked to find Volodin in Alaska while others from the OSI are sent to New York where the scientist’s son has apparently been sent some New Archangel by accident. What Quinn doesn’t know is that he’s on a path that’s running directly at a Russian sniper known locally as “Worst of the Moon.” Playing a cat-and-mouse game in the freezing cold of the Alaskan backwoods, Quinn must locate the scientist and not become the target of the sniper’s bullet.

Lots and lots of action teams up with fascinating characters that create the ultimate suspense from the word ‘go.’ Jericho Quinn is most definitely one of the best characters in the thriller realm.

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