“A Death In The Dales” by Frances Brody


By Frances Brody

“A Death in the Dales” is a book that readers will want to get comfortable with, on the sofa, drinking a cup of tea/coffee. Why? Because this is a terrific British cozy with such a great plot and cool characters that it will steal away the day.

Kate Shackleton is trying to find out the truth about a murder. Kate and her niece, Harriet, are on holiday in the village of Landcliffe. Harriet has recently recovered from an illness and Kate thinks that it would be enjoyable for her to get away from town and spend a couple of weeks in the country. Also, Kate wants to spend some time with Lucian Simonson, the local Landcliffe doctor, to see if they have any type of future together. So they decide to stay at Lucian’s “recently” late aunt’s house during their stay.

The gist of the murder comes from Landcliffe, itself. Lucian’s aunt had always wanted to meet Kate and get her to help clear a man’s name in a murder that took place ten years earlier. Lucian’s aunt, Freda Simonson, was convinced that the wrong man was convicted of the crime back then. And when Freda dies, it looks like the truth of the past will never be brought to light. Even though the entire town believes the right man died, Kate does her own investigating and comes upon something (I can’t tell you about) that brings together the motive and means of a historical crime.

This unexpected ending will have readers clapping. If looking for deep romance, however, the Kate and Lucian storyline may be explored more in the future. For now, it is the mystery that commands the book and sets up that all-day read. 5-Stars to this one!

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