“Orphan X” by Gregg Hurwitz (2016 Crimson Scribe Award Winner)


By Gregg Hurwitz

As the beginning of what looks to be an absolutely thrilling series to come, “Orphan X” by Gregg Hurwitz has it all.

Our main character, Orphan X, was taken from an orphanage to be trained in a secret world. From a little known government agency came the creation of the Orphan Program. This was specifically set in place to raise and train kids from orphanages, and other youngsters that no one cared about, to be the world’s most competent killers to be used only for solo, covert operations. But when the technology of drones came along, the need for humans dropped, and the Orphan Program was left to die. But one student, Orphan X (AKA: Evan Smoak) had learned a great deal, even how to disappear.

When he does, he decides to do a little freelance work when a mentor of his is killed. Let’s just say that Evan takes out a few bad guys who rightfully deserved and received some of Orphan X’s imaginative justice.

His new business is about helping people who really need him. After a would-be client calls his victim’s hotline at 1-855-2NOWHERE, they answer his first question: “Do you need my help?” If the answer is the right one, and for the right reasons, a new client is born.

In his condo in Los Angeles, Evan retains a secret vault full of technology; technology that he uses to eliminate a dirty cop into teen prostitution, and a few other unsavory types. But soon, tables are turned, and Evan finds a target placed firmly on his own back. Someone who knows all about his past is out to kill Orphan X, and a few former Orphans show up to help him face the eliminator down.

Being that this is Evan’s first adventure in print, and being that it was absolute non-stop suspense from the word ‘go,’ it’s not hard to foresee that fans will be waiting impatiently for Orphan X to arrive again. 5 Stars!

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