“Facials Can Be Fatal” by Nancy Cohen


By Nancy J. Cohen

During the mad time that is referred to as the “holiday season,” the last thing that Marla Vail, owner of the Cut ‘N Dye salon needs is exactly what happens in her place of business. One of her clients, while in the middle of her facial, breathed her last breath. This is not, as you can tell, the best endorsement for a spa; and to top that off, the corpse was a regular at the salon and truly good for business.

But Marla Vail’s horrific luck doesn’t end there. To make matters even worse, at the fashion show where Marla’s stylists are working, another body is found and a fancy headpiece is stolen.

With the help of her husband, Dalton, Marla is sure that she will be able to salvage her reputation as they begin to track down probable suspects. But as bodies start piling up, Marla and her husband race to find clues as to who is doing the killings, and how on earth they could be related. There are a number of suspects to choose from: a greedy land developer, a dress designer whose husband has links to the mob, a mortician who might be making money by selling human hair, and so many more.

Add to all this wonder the fact that Marla and Dalton are able to solve a mystery that includes pirates of the past and shipwrecks off the Florida coast, and readers will be standing in line to get on this series as fast as possible.

Marla and Dalton work extremely well together and are a whole lot of fun to read. This is one book in a series, yes, but is also a fantastic standalone for anyone who might not have met this couple before.

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