“The Shimmering Road” by Hester Young


By Hester Young

For those who love “spooky,” you will be thrilled that Hester Young and her amazing heroine are back. This book is a new chapter in the life of Charlotte “Charlie” Cates who was first heard from in “The Gates of Evangeline.”

When this book opens, Charlie is about to have a baby and lives in Texas with Noah Palmer, who was also presented in the first book. Charlie is a woman with a gift—a supernatural power that allows her to connect to both future events and past events through her dreams. Lately, however, Charlie has been troubled by nightmares of a pregnant woman who is shot in a shower. She has no idea what this could mean, but when she receives a call that her mother, who has been absent her entire life, and a half-sister she was not even aware existed, have been found killed in Arizona, Charlie’s heart begins to race.

It turns out that these dreams Charlie has been having are somehow connected to a niece Charlie has that is speaking to her about the murders while she’s asleep. There are some unanswered questions that have to do with her mother’s life in Tucson, and as Charlie, Noah and their unborn baby travel to Arizona, these questions turn frightening.

As they find themselves sinking deeper into a treacherous state of affairs, the family crosses the border of Mexico. Relatives seem to appear out of the woodwork and the danger grows larger when Charlie and Noah reach the poverty-stricken border town of Nogales.

Although a standalone story, it would be even better for the reader to go back in time and learn all about Charlie and her talent for the incredible “unknown.”

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