“Compromised” by James R. Scarantino


By James R. Scarantino

The very good news is that Detective Denise Aragon has come up with a witness who can easily (if she will do so) connect Judge Judy Diaz and her lover, scoundrel attorney Marcy Thornton, to a crime. They apparently attended a more than wild party that left an underage schoolgirl dead. The bad news is that Lily Montclaire, the witness, is not much of a witness and trying to get a statement from her is just like trying to win the lottery. What Lily will say is that ‘she really didn’t see that much, but if Detective Aragon doesn’t protect her there won’t be much of her left to protect.’

Detective Aragon, who has quite a reputation for finding bad guys, is affected by the case and the witness. Aragon’s significant other, FBI Agent Thomas Rivera, is actually associating with the enemy, and her brother and sister-in-law aren’t really happy about keeping Lily at their ranch in God’s country in order to protect Aragon’s witness. Add to that the fact that her investigation has upset the Silva twins, whose salvage operation has them practically ruling the seedy side of the city. The only thing that keeps Detective Aragon from going crazy is watching the resentment and incompetence of the bad guys build as they begin to go after each other just to get richer than their cohorts.

A perfect read. Blackmail, assassination—you name it, it happens. Detective Aragon continues to try and make her hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico fit for humans to live in, but there is a lot of work left to do. So after enjoying this fantastic tale, readers will be hungry for the next installment!

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