Carey Baldwin talks about “Stolen” (Partners in Crime Tour Stop)

Carey Baldwin Interview:

1) Your new title, ‘Stolen,” stars your characters: Caitlin Cassidy, forensic psychiatrist and Special Agent with the FBI Atticus Spenser. Can you give readers a little background on this pair? How they came to be in the first place?

I’d be happy to! Caity is a forensic psychiatrist who got started working with legal defense teams to make sure innocents weren’t railroaded for crimes they didn’t commit. Spense is an FBI profiler who’ll do anything to get a bad guy off the streets. That made for some prickly problems between the two, and fighting a massive, physical attraction to each other from opposite sides of the courtroom didn’t help. It wasn’t until the two were forced to work together on the Man in the Maze case (in JUDGMENT) that they realized they had one very important thing in common: They are both fearless seekers of the truth—no matter the consequence.

2) Can you give readers information on “Stolen” and what thrills they should expect?

The inspiration for STOLEN came from several real-life cases blended together. In some of those cases, there were major problems with evidence collection as well as media misinformation and public finger pointing based on unproven assumptions and wild conjecture. What really drove me to write the book was wondering what it would be like to be at the center of all that chaos. Hence, Laura Chaucer came to life in my mind—a young woman who truly doesn’t know whether or not she’s a murderer.

In addition to riding shotgun with Caity and Spense as they put the puzzle pieces together and solve an infamous cold case, readers will get to know Laura in depth. I hope they’ll enjoy the setting of the beautiful Rocky Mountains as well.

3) How do you keep the stories so fresh? Along those same lines, how far do you see this particular series going into the future?

First of all, thanks for the compliment! I do work hard to keep the stories fresh. I like to dig deeper into the characters with every book. That way the reader and I can continue to discover new dimensions to Caity and Spense with each installment. It’s hard to say how far the series will go, but I will tell you I’m under contract for the next book…it should be out in September.

4) Your life is full, to say the least (LOL) Being a full-time doctor, mother of two, AND an author of this high caliber, must be exhausting at times. How do you manage to get everything done? It would be interesting for readers (and the struggling author) to learn what a day in the life of Carey Baldwin entails.

Again, thanks for the compliment! As far as a day in the life, there’s theory, and then there’s reality. In theory, I get up at the crack of dawn every day. I write 1000 words, and then I head to the gym for an hour. Afterward, I charge off to the office and see patients until around 7pm. Then I come home and relax with my family. In reality, there are many days I don’t get my words in, and even more that I miss the gym. I try my best, but I’ve blown more than one deadline, despite my best efforts. The trick is not quitting. If I get behind, I still keep going. If you are a struggling author, do not quit. That’s worth repeating. Do not quit.

5) The wedding pics posted in the ‘FUN’ section of your author page are lovely. Can you tell us where the ceremony was held, and what the day was like? Will, perhaps, there be an upcoming wedding in one of your amazing books?

Funny you asked about an upcoming book wedding… I do love destination weddings. I’ll leave it at that.

The scoop about my own wedding. This is a second marriage for both of us. My husband had already had a gigantic, formal wedding, and he assumed that since we were “older” I wouldn’t want a big wedding. Little did he know that I married in secret the first time around (don’t ask- I was young and foolish) and I had always wished for something more. Although he was willing, I could tell by the look on his face he would be miserable going through a big ceremony. That night we saw a movie called “Just Go With It” with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. The movie was set in Hawaii and had a destination wedding as part of the plot. Bingo! We had a solution. I got to marry the love of my life in the most romantic ceremony ever—sunset at Kapalua Beach in Maui, surrounded by our children and our most intimate friends. He was spared the hoopla of a formal event. What’s that saying about the second time around?

6) Having two doctoral degrees, one in medicine and one in psychology, the depth of knowledge you own must play a large part in your writing. Can you tell us a bit about that? Such as, how do the ideas come to you? Do events in your practice ever inspire you or transcend onto the page?

Events from my psychology practice definitely have inspired me. I can remember being a wet-behind-the-ears psychologist and hearing some very gruesome confessions. That inspired the book CONFESSION, although my situation in real life wasn’t as dramatic as sitting across from a serial killer…as far as I know.

And my first published book, First Do No Evil, was inspired in part by the fears my medical patients voiced when the cervical cancer vaccine initially became available. It was also inspired by my mother’s battle with breast cancer, and my hope that someday soon that, too, will become a vaccine preventable disease.

7) Is there a genre you would love to delve into at some point in the future that you haven’t yet tried?

I’m interested in true crime. But I’m not sure I want to go that far toward the dark side. In fiction, I can make sure that evil never prevails.

8) One of your ‘confessions’ is that you are a reality TV junkie. For all the others out there (LOL), what is your favorite show, character, and why?

Survivor. I have a manuscript under my bed about lovers reunited on opposite teams on a Survivor-like show. It’s called STRANDED HEARTS. It was the first novel I ever wrote, and it’s going to stay hidden. It has reality TV, an eco-terrorist and a secret baby. I don’t know how I could’ve left out the kitchen sink!

9) As an author, how do you feel about the digital world? What do you think are the positives/negatives when it comes to everything being online?

I love the digital world. I think it’s increased accessibility to books for readers, and I’m all for that. I also love print media, though, and I believe there’s room for both. I embrace both worlds.

10) Is there a “favorite” moment between a fan and yourself that you can share with our readers?

One of my favorite moments was when a reader emailed to tell me she was very upset by my book, First Do No Evil. She outlined a list of reasons, but the biggest was that I had a killed off a certain character. This character had only two scenes in the book. But I had worked hard to make readers care about this individual. The reader and I wound up sending many emails back and forth, and it became clear to me that my characters and my story were as real to her as they were to me. That’s gratifying, to say the least.

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