“The Templar Archive” by James Becker


By James Becker

Get ready for a real treat. This is the second novel in James Becker’s new Templar series; the last being the incredible installment, “The Lost Treasure of the Templars.”

When Robin Jessop and David Mallory return home from their last journey, they walk into a myriad of questions. The cops are asking all kinds of things, seeing as that three dead bodies have just been discovered at Jessop’s home. When the duo has satisfied the law in regards to where they’ve been, they are on to the next clue in their adventures: analyzing the Templar treasure box in their possession and heading out to an old French cathedral.

In the meantime, a Rome based Dominican Order has been operating secretly, keeping tabs on Jessop and Mallory’s mission. Thus far, the Order has failed to eliminate the investigative pair. Being the keepers of many Templar secrets, the Order soon realizes that they must stop these inquisitive minds before they can unravel work that’s been done for centuries, and unearth secrets that have been buried for even longer.

As Jessop and Mallory go on their merry way, they stumble onto a kind of treasure that could literally allow the Templars to claim most of Europe as their own. Will the Order step in? Can Mallory and Jessop go up against an organization of this size, operating this long, and continue to stay safe? It will be interesting to see who comes out the winner.

This series offers up a cast of characters and history that is completely fresh from the many Templar books written. A true treasure hunt, readers will have an absolute ball while getting a very cool education that never overloads the story or causes the action to slow in any way. These books are extremely rich in history, drama and thrills, and offer just enough to make you wonder what’s coming next.

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