“Order To Kill” by Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills


By Vince Flynn and Kyle Mills

As readers probably know, the creator of well-known and beloved hero, Mitch Rapp— author Vince Flynn—passed away in 2013, leaving a huge hole in the suspense genre. Thankfully, Mitch Rapp still lives in the hearts and hands (and incredible mind) of Kyle Mills, who continues to write about the agent’s daring acts.

When the CIA needs somebody to keep Pakistani nuclear weapons out of terrorists’ hands, Mitch is the guy they call. He is looked on with fear by some of the most powerful leaders in the world, but this time he must go undercover and dive behind the “mask” of an American ISIS recruit.

Russian President Krupin is a mastermind, or so he believes. He is thinking that utilizing a half-dozen A-bombs might be able to destroy enough Middle Eastern oil fields that he could re-route money to Mother Russia. Krupin finds his best man to get things done; a very talented killer by the name of Grisha Azarov. This formidable gentleman is not stupid and does not underestimate his enemy on this one. He tells Krupin that Mitch Rapp has shown no evident weaknesses, seeing as that his rivals are all dead. But, for Krupin, he knows they can do this and he and Azarov go head-to-head with Rapp in order to see their goal to fruition.

Craig Bailer, a mechanic who has three PhD’s and is decorated with tattoos, is definitely the cleverest guy in the room, and readers will love him. He is also given one of the best lines that should be in a movie one day when he tells Mitch, “It’s a beautiful night and we have a cooler full of beer and a stolen A-bomb. It don’t get any better than that.”

As a reader, I agree completely. A war of words, a war of nations, terrorism, suspense—you name it, this title absolutely shows that an extremely admirable “hand” is in the writer’s seat to carry on Vince Flynn’s incredible character.

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