“Murder In G Major” by Aleixa Gordon


By Alexia Gordon

A classical musician by the name of Gethsemane Brown has accepted a job in a small, Irish town. Her goal is to turn a group of school boys into an award-winning orchestra. While there, she gets to live in a cottage that is said to be haunted. It played home to a composer who murdered his wife twenty-five years ago, and then took his own life.

Taking place in a rich countryside filled with pubs where pints are continuously passed around, Gethsemane finds herself immersed in a town full of strong “manly men” who can be more than a bit rude at times. Thankfully, she’s a strong character. And when she settles in, she is even able to deal with her resident ghost, who just so happens to appear in front of her and carries on a conversation.

Not only does she already have a job to do with her students, and must get them ready for a competition that they literally have to win, but now this ghost is asking her to prove that he did not kill his wife so long ago. Someone else was the villain behind the crime and he begs Gethsemane to clear his name so he can finally rest in peace.

A fantastic story with a great ghost, with bad timing. There are parts that are extremely comical, and Gethsemane is a fantastic character that you root for as the pressure continually builds for her to succeed…in more ways than one.

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