“The Homeplace” by Kevin Wolf


By Kevin Wolf

A former high school basketball player from Colorado, Chase Ford was always a very lucky man. The star of his high school, he earned a free ride to college because of his elite basketball skills, and was given the opportunity to play for the Lakers. Unfortunately, pain and sadness came when the fates shifted and Chase hurt his knee in an accident. A future was ripped away from him before it even started; and when he began his reliance on pain pills, he lost his marriage as well.

Chase has fallen apart in every sense of the word. Like many, he decides to travel back home to the place he once knew in order to lick his wounds. Paying this visit to his hometown before he decides whether or not to take on an announcer’s job, Chase must deal with the reality of his upbringing. Yes, he was a star…where basketball was concerned. However, Chase actually had an unhappy childhood; his mom was hurt in an accident and his father’s relationship with the woman he hired to care for the house produced a child that Chase has never even seen.

Chase’s return just so happens to coincide with the murders of Jimmie Riley, a star of the present-day basketball team; and, shortly after, Chase’s former coach. His high school archrival, Lincoln Kendall, is now sheriff and eager to tie Chase’s homecoming to the crimes. Luckily, Chase still has friends from school living there: Marty Storm, now a sheriff’s deputy; and Birdie Hawkins, who has always been in love with Chase. Before the sheriff can pin the crimes on Chase, these three team up to find out who the criminal really is.

Highly suspenseful and filled with the underlying tones of sadness and desperation, each page brings out a new facet of the town. This is truly an in-depth story of how a person can destroy their life when handed one they never wanted in the first place.

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