“The Blacklist: The Beekeeper No. 159” by Steven Piziks


By Steven Piziks

The fourth season of The Blacklist on NBC is still getting good ratings, and it is primarily due to the awesome James Spader. Is Raymond Reddington, the character he plays, a hero or a villain? Some of the most deplorable and cunning foes have come from this show, and this novel has two nasty ones: The Bodysnatcher, and the Beekeeper. The Bodysnatcher has ways of kidnapping victims without anyone realizing that an abduction has taken place. The Beekeeper takes the people “rescued” by the Bodysnatcher and inducts them into his cult called, The Hive. Reddington always has ulterior motives for everything he does, and this case is no exception. When the FBI goes after the Bodysnatcher, they don’t realize it’s a trap designed to capture Reddington for The Hive, and now Elizabeth Keen and her FBI partner are prisoners.

Fans of the show will love this diversion while waiting for new episodes to appear early next year.

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