“Catch as Cat Can” by Claire Donally


By Claire Donally

The return of Shadow…a rather large tomcat owned by Sunny Coolidge.

Sunny is bound and determined to be a successful amateur detective in her small Maine town. This time out it is Shadow who has gone exploring and discovered a brand new fish store located right next to Sunny’s office. One fine day, while waiting for business owner Neil Garret to open the fish store’s doors, someone grabs Shadow by the neck and the once happy tomcat finds himself in sudden danger. In fact, Neil finds Shadow with a piece of rope around his neck. (Don’t worry…he’s fine.) But it turns out that the dead body found in the freezer of the new fish market didn’t have nine lives.

Then things really start to erupt. Federal marshals invade the small town in order to protect a witness. The Russian mob finds this area in Maine on their radar, and there even seems to be a gun running incident and a little smuggling going on. Whew! Talk about ruining the serenity.

Oddly enough, Shadow the tomcat plays a pivotal role in all this action, as Sunny and Chief Investigator Will Price, whom she is having a relationship with, find themselves knee-deep in a huge mess.

Donally once again does a fantastic job of staying with the story and allowing her fun-loving characters filled with down home charm to live out their fabulous lives in Kittery Harbor, Maine. She even adds in an ice storm just for fun. Shadow is a definite thinker and readers will be laughing as they listen to his thoughts on the folks all around him. This is a delightful read that ends with a question. The one thing we do know for certain is that the lovely team of Sunny and Shadow will be back for another adventure.

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