“Render Safe” by Pascal Marco


By Pascal Marco

By taking two unsolved incidents—the crashing of a USAF jet from Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson, and the explosion of a house in Phoenix where an entire family is found dead, except the missing father—Marco has taken these two unrelated circumstances and created an action thriller worthy of Grisham or Ludlum.

In just his second novel, Marco’s protagonist, Stan Kobe, a Maricopa County prosecutor, a man with his own secrets, takes on a missing person’s cold case. Ten years ago, he had investigated the murder of an entire family, with a wife and two children beheaded and burned beyond recognition, where the father went missing and was suspected of the crime.

Tracking the killer to Arizona’s Mogollon Rim, Kobe finds his suspect has disappeared into thin air. A background check of the missing man reveals a complex individual: a specialist in bomb ordnance with clandestine training, he was also a neo-Nazi who joined forces with a local hate group.

Kobe, an African-American, had run into similar hate crimes several times in his career, but when three more beheadings happen ten years later, he links the two instances and discovers a connection to a domestic terrorism plot for the ages. With four missing bombs large enough to take out Roosevelt Dam, and time rapidly expiring, Kobe leads the charge to solve the cold case and unearth the really bad guys behind the worst domestic terrorist attack since the Oklahoma City bombing.

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