“No Man’s Land” by David Baldacci


By David Baldacci

Yet another fantastic book by first-rate author David Baldacci. Not really a shock, I’m sure. But this particular thriller is actually two stories in one, about two men, covering a thirty year timeframe, and has everything a suspense lover wants.

Agent John Puller is a combat veteran and Army investigator who returns to the action. It is unveiled that Puller’s mother disappeared thirty years ago from Fort Monroe, Virginia, when John was a young boy. In spite of a concentrated search and investigation, she was never seen again. Now, however, new evidence has come to light that Puller’s father, who is now a retired three star General suffering from dementia, had come home to Fort Monroe from overseas on the day his wife disappeared. And now, thirty years later, a man who understands little and remembers even less is suspect number one.

Paul Rogers is the other man this book focuses on. Although in prison for the last ten years, twenty years ago he was at Fort Monroe. On one fateful night, Puller and Rogers’s worlds collided with horrific results, and the truth of the matter has been buried by the powers that be for the last three decades. One facet includes a top secret project involving a super-soldier, and the man who is now looking for the ones responsible.

Puller is a CID investigator with the Army and might be officially excluded from working this case if he disobeys orders. When intelligence operatives, including Veronica Knox who is an old friend, shows up, Puller knows that this case is going to be more than interesting.

As always with Baldacci’s skill, the author carefully brings together two tales that are haunting, thrilling, and beyond memorable. 5-Stars!

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