“Into The Lion’s Den” by Linda Fairstein


By Linda Fairstein

Leave it to author Linda Fairstein to produce yet another female character that foils the bad guys and makes your heart beat like crazy as you watch her uncover the crime, discover the clues, and stop the madness! Of course, this particular heroine is doing all this at the ripe old age of…twelve. In other words, if you loved Nancy Drew, you will absolutely love Devlin Quick.

Devlin hears that a rare map has recently been stolen from that incredible building—the New York Public Library. She decides that this is a case for her to solve, along with her friends, Booker and Liza, and her grandmother Lulu. Trust me, this is one amazingly snoop-worthy team. As clues come to light, Devlin and her friends focus on the new exhibition that’s coming soon to the NYPL. And while they are planning to attend the exhibition, they try to work out if or when a criminal may appear, or how exactly to set up a criminal in order to get them to reveal themselves to the world. Not to mention, find out why that map was so important in the first place.

This book is the very first in Ms. Fairstein’s brand new Devlin Quick Mysteries and is a bigger, cooler mystery than you can imagine. It is also her first book geared for young adults/children. A first-person tale full of great tidbits and facts on the NYPL and famous authors from the past (Dickens, Poe, Jane Austen, etc.). Kids and adults will love this fun story and will look forward to seeing more to come. From Devlin to her cohorts to her mom, who just happens to be the Police Commissioner, this is one cast of characters that will be thrilling to watch “grow” in the years to come.

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