“Crepe Factor” by Laura Childs and Terrie Farley Moran


By Laura Childs with Terrie Farley Moran

It’s hard to believe that this is the fourteenth installment in the fun and intriguing Scrapbooking Mystery series. And, yes, the fun has not slowed down even one bit.

We catch up with main character and scrapbook shop owner Carmela Bertrand, with her best friend, Ava, at the Winter Market in New Orleans. The two of them witness a fight between Quigg Brevard—owner of a local restaurant and recent Vintner, and Martin Lash—a food critic whose joy in life is to trash chefs in his reviews.

While the women move on, Martin staggers and falls to his death; a very large serving fork sticking out of his neck. When Carmela’s boyfriend, Detective Edgar Babcock arrives on scene, all heck breaks loose in Quigg’s world. People are trying to talk to the detective about the victim, while Quigg is being asked about what went on after their fight.

Oh, by the way, Quigg dated Carmela in the past. Immediately, seeing the very real chance of being locked up for life, he asks Carmela to clear his name. He attests that, yes, the fight definitely happened and there were eye witnesses. But Quigg maintains that he was not the one who stuck a fork into the neck of the rude bird. Quigg is also absolutely convinced that Detective Babcock has it in for him, and he pleads with Carmela to come to his aid.

Although her boyfriend warns her to stay away, Carmela decides to help her ex who is still plainly interested in her. Carmela doesn’t want to upset Babcock, but can’t resist. Jumping in with both feet, she attempts to balance her now unhappy boyfriend with her scrapbooking store, while tracking a killer.

This is a really fun book for cozy lovers who will positively enjoy the cast of characters. Along with crafting tips, the Cajun recipes found in the back of the book are added “gifts” of absolute delight.

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