“Chasing Shadows” by Karen Harper


By Karen Harper

Karen Harper is definitely a name in the suspense world that can always be counted on to deliver a fast-paced, truly thrilling story that hits on all suspense cylinders.

This time, Claire Britten is the main character who enjoys a very interesting career as a forensic psychologist. By day, she deals with a tough personal health issue—a neurological condition which she has a good chance of beating. She is also a single mom of a girl who is just beginning preschool. Thankfully, Claire receives help from her sister who takes care of her daughter, Lexi, when Claire is on the job or simply not feeling well.

On one of these not so fine days, Claire is shot outside the courthouse by a bullet that Nick Markwood, an attorney, believes was meant for him. Nick helps her at the time, but once she has recovered from the injury his interest doesn’t stop there. In fact, Nick offers her a job proposal. This job requires both of them to travel from Southwest Florida to St. Augustine. Nick wants Claire to help him clear the daughter of a family friend of her mother’s murder, although Claire is not aware of Nick’s far deeper, more personal need to solve this case as fast as possible.

This story is full of twists that even involve Claire’s ex-husband, Jace, who is bound to win Claire back even though it was Jace who started divorce proceedings in the first place. Nick and Claire are also gradually exploring their attraction for one another while on the hunt to solve a crime.

“Chasing Shadows” will most likely keep all readers guessing, and when your mind is made up as to who’s who and who did what, you’ll probably be wrong. It’s a story that will keep you on your toes, as author Karen Harper keeps the action and mystery going at full throttle right up to the very last chapter.

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