“As Death Draws Near” by Anna Lee Huber


By Anna Lee Huber

“As Death Draws Near” is the fifth in Anna Lee Huber’s Lady Darby historical mystery series, and fans will love the fact that this is one mystery duo that just seems to be getting better with age.

Kiera and Sebastian Gage have just married but are having a hard time finding any alone time for themselves. Even their honeymoon goes on the fritz when Gage’s father sends them a message to go to Dublin and investigate the killing of a nun at an Abbey. No details have been sent to the newlyweds, but they are instructed to find transport to Ireland as quickly as they can.

So…off they go. Goodbye picnic. Goodbye alone time. Unfortunately, when they arrive, they find that all the people they question in the area are almost mute. None are offering up any facts, and are providing hardly any information to help them discover what on earth happened to the poor woman. Surprisingly, even the nuns from the Abbey, along with the local Constable, are holding back details for reasons Kiera and Gage simply can’t figure out.

As the investigation gears up, they are suddenly stopped in their tracks when yet another nun is found murdered. There may be a serial killer afoot!

Offering readers a great deal of history, especially delving into the religious issues that brought pain, anger and division to Ireland throughout time, this book definitely engages the reader’s interest immediately. The new relationship—watching the two main characters adapt to marriage and work their first case as husband and wife—is also a whole lot of fun. Hopefully Lady Darby and her circle will be investigating for a long time to come.

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