“The Big Book of Jack the Ripper” edited and with intro by Otto Penzler


Edited and With an Introduction by Otto Penzler

Saying you have a bit of an obsession with Jack the Ripper will not make people at a dinner party flock to your side. Trust me, I’ve done this. The point they’re missing, however, is that people who are intrigued by the one and only famous serial killer who never got caught because his real identity is still a mystery, are not insane. People intrigued by this topic don’t want to walk in his bloody footsteps, we really are just fascinated with how he got away. Every year tomes, novels, murder mysteries, documentaries, etc., about Jack the Ripper come to the marketplace, making this one legend that’s not about to disappear quietly. So getting this title in the mail was awesome.

This is the ultimate anthology on the man who grabbed headlines and made everyone in the East End of London hide under their beds and lock their doors (if they were smart, anyway) back in 1888. Forty-one fictional stories have been compiled, ranging from classic tales told by masters like Ellery Queen to present-day names like Deaver and Estleman.

But…that’s not all. Fiction is not the only thing readers get in this almost 900-page treasure. Genuine witness statements, autopsy reports, newspaper articles and more, are also given. And never leave those Ripperologists out. Their various views and beliefs on who the Ripper really was are handed out like candy on Halloween.

If you’re a writer who wants to get more data because you’re writing your own book about these unsolved mysteries or the psycho behind them all, then this is the book for you. If you’re just one of those slightly off-balanced fans of the subject (like me), then this book is a must for the shelves of your den. Either way, it cannot be missed.

I give this “5-stars” and…yes, I no longer go to dinner parties.

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