“Hooking For Trouble” by Betty Hechtman


By Betty Hechtman

With the eleventh tale in the Crochet Mystery series, cozy lovers will be happy to know that they do not have to read the previous ten in order to fall head over heels for these characters.

Molly Pink no longer likes looking out her window. Her neighbors have created more of an eyesore than anything else. And this eyesore does not improve when a dead body falls into the mix…

One day, Molly does take a glance into the yard beyond her house. Spying something truly ugly, she suddenly watches her neighbors have a struggle on the balcony. This appears to be one of those domestic disturbances; however, when she sees what looks like a corpse just lying on the ground, Molly becomes frightened.

She immediately calls in the law, her ex-boyfriend Detective Barry Greenberg. But by the time he arrives, there is literally nothing to find. No corpse. And things are just fine between the neighbors. What ex-flame Barry does tell her is to forget about being an amateur detective and just go back to her crocheting. Trouble is, Molly knows something is terribly wrong and she’s not going to stop until she figures out exactly what that something is.

It seems that author Betty Hechtman writes a better story every time, and for crochet mavens she is a great teacher of the craft. The plot of the story is full of suspense and humor, and you do not have to own the crocheting skill in order to enjoy this speedy, memorable mystery.

In the back of the book, the author also provides a pattern for a crocheted scarf, a couple of delicious recipes, and a preview of her next incredible title.

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