“Grace Sees Red” by Juile Hyzy


By Julie Hyzy

There’s trouble afoot at Marshfield Manor, a magnificent museum and manor house whose buildings and grounds are open daily for appreciative visitors to tour. Marshfield has been in Bennett Marshfield’s family for generations, and the current curator and estate manager is Grace Wheaton, Bennett’s niece and heir, with the able assistance of tart-tongued Frances Sliwa. In the seventh mystery in this series, “Grace Sees Red,” Grace receives a mysterious phone call from Frances demanding that Grace meet her in a neighboring town as soon as she can. Mystified by the urgency conveyed by the usually unflappable Frances, Grace enlists her uncle to come along, too.

Following the directions Frances has given, Grace and Bennett are surprised to find themselves on the grounds of what first seems like a luxury resort, but is actually an upscale and very expensive assisted living facility. The surprises continue when they realize that one of the residents at the facility is none other than Frances’s ex-husband, Percy, who is paralyzed from a long-ago accident. But the biggest surprise of all is that one of Percy’s roommates has died and the police suspect he was murdered. And because he and Frances were seen arguing earlier in the day, Frances is the authorities’ only suspect.

Grace and Bennett refuse to believe that Frances is guilty of anything more than having too tart a tongue and the bad luck to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But as the evidence against Frances continues to mount, Grace realizes that it is up to her to clear Frances once and for all.

“Grace Sees Red” is packed with intriguing plot twists and a cast of believable, likeable characters that will delight cozy mystery readers, for sure!

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