“Cat Got Your Diamonds” by Julie Chase


By Julie Chase

I am always excited when a new cozy series begins. I love meeting a brand new cast of characters, seeing their towns or communities, and falling in love with all of their nosy ways. What Julie Chase has done is create a new “world” that is entertaining, and will introduce all those feline fanciers who love to read Rita Mae Brown to a couple of brand new four-footed friends.

To start with, we’re introduced to Lacy Marie Crocker, the owner of a pet store who is a real treat. The name of the establishment is Furry Godmother—a pet boutique and organic treat bakery located in the famous New Orleans Garden District.

Sadly, an intruder who was in the store earlier in the day and acted strangely attacks Lacy in her storeroom. However, Lacy sends him packing with a glitter gun (love it!). A few hours later, Detective Jack Oliver accuses Lacy of killing the man, Miguel Sanchez, with said glitter gun (uh, oh). Sadly, Lacy’s only witness to Sanchez’s earlier attack is Pearl, a customer who was in the store looking for tutus for her dancing dogs. In the meantime, Lacy’s financial backer, Mr. Tater, is holding back funds until she is cleared, which means she is now bound to begin her own investigation to save her name and her store. Thus, intending to take a stand, she has decided to put her brain to work and try to figure out just what happened to Sanchez and how he went from being an attacker to the victim.

This is really a fun beginning to what I already know will be great future stories. Even if you’re not a cat/dog lover, you’ll appreciate this one. And for one last treat in the back of the book, recipes for Furry Godmother’s Peanut Butter and Banana Pupcakes, Furry Godmother’s New Orleans Pawlines and, last but not least, Furry Godmother’s Tiny Tuna Tarts can be had by all!

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