“Cancelled by Murder” by Jean Flowers


By Jean Flowers

Who knew that reading about a postmistress working in the small post office in North Ashcot, Massachusetts, could be so exciting?

There is a brutal storm heading directly toward the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. It is August, which is the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, and warnings are posted everywhere. What seems strange is that Daisy’s Fabrics is still open even though all the other stores are boarded up against the storm.

Daisy Harmon is the owner of Daisy’s Fabrics where Postmistress Cassie Miller has purchased her many fabrics to use for quilting. It seems that keeping the business open has caused Daisy to meet her demise. At first it seems that Daisy was killed by the branches of a tree, but…perhaps the culprit was something or someone a little more disturbing. You see, Daisy was a vibrant young woman, a gifted teacher, and a generous businesswoman, but she tended to get under the skin of a great many people.

Daisy’s husband has asked Cassie to help him in the murder investigation; Cassie just happens to be friends with Police Chief Sunni Smargon. In addition, it seems Cassie is far more interested in solving crimes than making the mail go through on time.

As the imminent storm turns out to be more “talk” than actual “action,” its winds cannot be blamed for Daisy’s death. Police learn that her death has nothing to do with bad weather, and Cassie soon receives sinister letters at the post office telling her to watch her back before she becomes the next victim of a so far invisible killer. Unfortunately, Cassie hasn’t changed since the first book and, with determination galore, she still moves forward to uncover the murderer.

If books one and two are any inclination of the fun, action, suspense and great characters that North Ashcot has to provide for all mystery lovers out there, then we’ll all be waiting impatiently for book number three to arrive!

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