“IQ” by Joe Ide


By Joe Ide

There are debuts that are talked about for a good, long time after they come out; this is one of those books.

Isaiah Quintabe is also known as IQ. This is a truly brilliant high school drop-out living in an area of Los Angeles where he is able to help out his neighbors. IQ acts as a public detective for the community and his services usually get paid with baked goods instead of cash. Trouble is, IQ has a definite need for money. This is when his old roommate, Dodson, shows up with an offer for IQ that will pay him some real dollars. Dodson asks IQ to help him find out who was behind the killing of a famous rapper, Calvin “Black the Knife” Wright. Dodson, of course, is a hustler that IQ doesn’t really trust, but he decides to take the case. His only lead is a security film of a huge attack dog that was turned loose on the rapper in his own house. But when he gets on a trail, it will lead him directly to a killer who really loves his work.

As Isaiah is a very independent guy who can figure out common sense logic based on what he sees, his type of investigating can be very cold and disturbing to other people. Tarantino-like disturbing, if you will.

Apart from a few Sherlock Holmes connections, this is also a very fast mystery/thriller with a list of suspects a mile long. From Cal’s ex-wife Noelle to a whole bunch of rapper fans who just won’t go away and who are all greedy enough to kill Cal using a dangerous attack dog, IQ has his work cut out for him.

This is one heck of a “first try” for an author. The plot is dramatic, frightening, and blunt. But most importantly, IQ is a truly impressive character who could easily grow a huge fan base and be around just as long as that much beloved Sherlock Holmes.

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