“Elijah” by Frank Redman


By Frank Redman

How often do you look at the family dog or cat and wonder what Fido or Kitty is thinking? Sometimes they even try to tell you, with a particular bark or mew and a quizzical look wondering why their human doesn’t understand.

Of course, in fiction we have had exceptional canines, such as, Rin Tin Tin and Lassie, but even they couldn’t speak to their humans the way we talk to each other, until Elijah came along. Now, he’s no Dr. Doolittle but he does have an inane ability to hear the thoughts of the neighborhood pets; and folks, it’s not good news.

These dogs and cats lay out all the problems in town. Who is drinking too much, the child whose parents are abusive and, of course, who is plotting to kill who. Unable to hold back he gets involved in helping break up a child prostitution ring. Putting his own life in mortal danger, Elijah helps bring down the bad guys with both human and canine assistance. Having suffered abusive parents as a child, Elijah is in tune with children and knows how to deal with the suppressors.

“Elijah” is Redman’s debut novel and he has written a page-turner that, once you understand the gravity of the adventure, will have you on the edge of your seat.

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