“Betrayals” by Kelley Armstrong


By Kelley Armstrong

“Betrayals” is the fourth book in Kelley Armstrong’s action-packed Cainsville series, which is truly a series that has gotten better with age. As the story moves ahead, it seems that the previous books can stand on their own; however, it is the small details presented in the previous titles that make this new one come alive.

For those who haven’t read the first three, Olivia Taylor-Jones (also known as Eden Larsen) is a twenty-four-year-old woman whose biological parents, Todd and Pamela Larsen, were accused of murder and are currently sitting in prison awaiting a new trial. When Olivia learned of this, she moved to Cainsville, Illinois, where she began to work with a lawyer, Gabriel Walsh, to discover why her birth parents were locked up. Olivia, Gabriel, and Olivia’s biker boyfriend Ricky, have faced a lot of oddities over time; from solving murders to unveiling myths to dealing with humans who make mistakes galore.

Our heroine, Olivia, as usual, is holding her own as her relationships with Ricky and Gabriel are progressing. This time around, however, it is Ricky who’s being framed for the killings of some lamiae (which is a new kind of ‘paranormal’). But regardless of what skills the victims possessed, it is a fact that Ricky is being framed.

Liv and Gabriel are on the case. Apparently there is some tension between Liv and Gabriel left over from the last installment, when he failed to come when she called which led to her being hurt. It seems almost impossible for them to work together again, but they’re managing. As they fight to clear Ricky’s name, Liv finds herself once again in the path of pain, and whether or not this trio can stick together through yet another moment of darkness is anyone’s guess.

Armstrong’s name is synonymous with great storytelling, and this Cainsville series is definitely being set up to deliver a heck of a surprise when it all comes to an end.

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