“A Most Extraordinary Pursuit” by Juliana Gray


By Juliana Gray

This story starts with the Duke of Olympia’s personal secretary, Miss Emmeline Rose Truelove, supervising his funeral. She is then pulled aside to hear about a mission from the current Dowager Duchess. It seems that the Duke’s only heir, archaeologist Maximilian Haywood, was last seen at a dig on the island of Crete and has since disappeared. Being that he needs to be informed of his new status, the man must be found.

Miss Truelove is a little uncertain as to what she should do until she gets a load of her new partner, Lord Silverton, who doesn’t make much of an impression for being a capable helper. But the mission is the mission and Emmeline has no choice. She and Silverton hop from port to port, following Haywood’s trail, discovering that he might have encountered people who would do him bodily harm. Emmeline is somewhat out of her depth but tries to soldier on, and with each new day, she begins to notice there is far more to her partner than she first thought.

Each chapter starts with a selection from a diary that was found in the present day. This, combined with Truelove’s history, brings the reader all the tension a good mystery should provide and unveils questions not yet asked. From Crete to Greece, the locations are stunning. From a shootout in a hotel room to dubious questioning and plowing through a storm, each scene is entertaining. Add in humor, a charming plot that offers lines of historical fiction, and just a dash of the supernatural, and this book becomes one that you hope with all your heart will be the perfect beginning to a fantastic, long-running series.

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