“In Dublin’s Fair City” by Rhys Bowen


By Rhys Bowen

Detective Molly Murphy is anxious to get away for a while, mostly from her beau, Captain Daniel Sullivan. So she jumps at the chance to go to Ireland at the behest of theatrical manager, Tommy Burke. Tommy has recently learned that he has a sister in Ireland who was left behind when his family immigrated to the States. Tommy has rescued his pain-in-the-neck nephew over and over, but he plans to leave his forgotten sister his fortune if she’s still alive. So he asks Molly to help him out and look into finding his sister.

Molly sails for Queenstown on the Majestic, where the famous actress, Oona Sheehan, persuades her to change cabins so Oona can escape from her admirers. Molly is having the time of her life being in first class but, as always, something has to go awry. When Oona’s maid is mysteriously killed, the police put Molly on the suspect list. Things get even worse when Oona is nowhere to be found.

On top of all that, when Molly reaches her Dublin hotel she discovers that Oona’s trunks are packed with rifles. When she is looking for Tommy’s sister, her original job, she gets involved with groups working to free Ireland from England. As she tries to move among the people, following leads for Tommy, she somehow becomes tangled up with the Irish Republican movement—an alliance that puts a mark for murder on her very own back.

Rhys Bowen never disappoints. She’s a fabulous storyteller who can keep her readers guessing the whole way through. If new to the character of Molly Murphy, you will want to go back and catch up on the history of this fantastically fun detective the minute you’re done reading this tale.

Reviewed by Mary Lignor, Professional Librarian and Co-Owner of The Write Companion

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