“Cheddar Off Dead” by Julia Buckley


By Julia Buckley

Main character, Lilah Drake, is back and waiting in a school parking lot to deliver Mac and Cheese to Jenny, a friend from her college days. The food is for a Christmas Party that is being held where Jenny teaches. As Lilah is driving out of the parking lot, someone drives in and shoots Brad Whitefield, a man who is dressed as Santa and on his way to entertain the kids. Much to her dismay, the detective who arrives on the scene to take her statement is none other than Jay Parker, someone Lilah has been trying to avoid after their very unsuccessful date.

It turns out that the dead Santa was a complicated mess of both “naughty and nice,” with a long list of people who wanted to take a shot at him. Now that he’s gone, the person or persons want to make sure that Lilah, the only witness, keeps quiet. Lilah will have to team up, like it or not, with Detective Jay Parker to unwrap the mysteries of this Christmas killer, while attempting to stay alive long enough to see the New Year begin.

Lilah proves to be a fun and very intelligent main character that readers will instantly connect with and enjoy spending time with. This is one cozy mystery that’s very well-written and readers will be looking forward to seeing more of Julia Buckley’s books in, hopefully, the very near future. Add in awesome recipes given in the back of the book that include savory French Toast and incredible Chocolate Chip Cookies, and you have the perfect holiday mystery.

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