Letter from the Editor September 2014

The world is moving at light speed. Mobile phones, social media, and tablets, have put us instantly into a new world. The iPhone that you are holding right now, because you are holding it or it is in range to pick up, is more powerful than the computers that we spent thousands on twenty years ago.

People don’t know how to stop and unplug to really take a look around them and see the beauty of the ocean, the snow-capped mountains, the fall foliage, and the smell of the spring rain. Everything has to be at lighting speed.

Remember when you made a phone call and got a busy signal? You left the house and had to find a pay phone to call back home and say you would be late or left the house so you didn’t have to talk on the phone. Finding twenty cents wasn’t that easy either. And you better be home before the streetlights came on or you were grounded, which meant staying in your room, because that was actually a punishment.

Now it’s where kids live, so telling them to go to there is like telling me to just go home.

Remember when you had to be careful to place the needle on the right part of the album to hear that song you wanted? How about fast-forwarding that cassette tape to find song four, because that was the best song on the album. How many times did you place that cassette tape next to the radio and tape it so you had a play list, even with commercials? Yeah, the quality sucked, but that wasn’t the point.

Remember when cars just drove you from A to B? If you wanted to navigate to a destination, you had to pull out that map, which was probably screwed up from the last time you pulled it out because you couldn’t fold it right. Stopping for directions? Still hard for a man to do, even with his wife or girlfriend screaming in his ear, because no matter how much screaming you heard, you still knew the correct turn was just up ahead.

Remember when food was something you just ate? I still don’t understand gluten-free, fat-free ice cream, vegan chocolate, or kale. What the hell is MSG, really? It made my Chinese food taste awesome, but I guess it’s bad for you. Remember when peanut butter and jelly was found in 80 percent of every kid’s lunch? When I was growing up I didn’t know one person allergic to peanut butter, but now we have peanut-free zones.

Remember when people talked face to face? I don’t think my kids know any language but LOL, OMG, TMI, LMFAO, WTF, and IDK, what the hell did I just say? Think about it: Is Facebook really accurate? All I see are pictures of food and read posts that make me think half of the world’s population needs to be in a mental hospital.

Remember when you only had four channels to watch on TV and at midnight when the news was over, the National Anthem played showing the flag, except for Friday and Saturday, then it would come on at two a.m. Now we have so many TV channels—Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc.—that when I hear someone say, “This sucks, there is nothing on TV to watch,” I really just want to hit them over the head with a tack hammer. When my family first got cable I thought my head would explode. Not just because we had twelve channels, but we had the Playboy Channel and I could rig the box to get it for free, and for a 13-year-old boy, that was the greatest day of my life.

Yes, life was simpler. Our imagination was our friend. We had to think of new games to play outside. We had to grab our gloves and hit the sandlot. Girls would play house with their dolls, and boys wouldn’t be invited because we would take the dolls and put them in the positions we saw on the Playboy Channel.

But there is still one-way to walk away and unplug our lives from the rat race we call life now. Inside the magazine we have more than ten pages of reviews. Simply pick up a book and read it—because no matter how fast life is moving, reading is done at your own pace.

John Raab


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