The definitions of the genre, every author needs to know.

So many times we receive emails from authors letting us know about their book. Funny thing is when you ask them a question about it, or try and get more information, they don’t seem to be able to really explain their book. Marketing is the number one toughest thing for any author to do. Writing the book is easy, that’s their job, but take them outside of that zone and all hell breaks loose. One of the main reasons for this is that authors simply don’t understand the genre they are writing in, and therefore spend countless hours sending out emails to blogs, magazines, etc that won’t ever cover their book. I decided to define the genre.

There are four main writing styles: Suspense, Thriller, Mystery and Horror. Each of them are very unique and have their own characteristics to follow. For an author to know what style of book they have written is the most essential part of marketing it correctly.

Suspense: You are walking up a mountain and when you reach the top, the author hangs you over the edge not knowing if you will fall off or be pulled back.

Mystery: You are walking up the mountain and along the way you find clues to what awaits you at the top. When you arrive the answer is revealed.

Thriller: You run up the mountain as fast as you can, shit is blowing up all around you and when you get to the top you jump off the edge.

Horror: Has no rules. The mountain could be haunted by ghosts or evil spirits or far worse things. You are scared to even open your eyes to see what is at the top.

Sci – Fi: Take any or all of the above mentioned styles and set your book on Mars. (threw in Sci-Fi since it has elements of all four).

Knowing what you write is just as important as what you write. Spend as much time getting to know your story and where it fits inside the genre, and you will be better able to arm yourself with the tools needed to get more fans and readers.

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