New releases

We are starting something a little new by getting publishers to give us their list of new releases.  If you haven’t heard of these books, shame on you.  Check them out on Amazon or other book sites.

New Release Section:


“Mark of Evil” by Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall. February 4, 2014

“Storming the Black Ice” by Don Brown. February 25, 2014

“Retribution,” by Anderson Harp releases March 1

“The Collector of Dying Breaths” by M.J. Rose releases on April 8

“The Lincoln Myth” by Steve Berry releases on May 20

“THE TROOP” by Nick Cutter releases February 25, 2014

“ABOVE” by Isla Morley releases March 4, 2014

“THE BUTCHER” by Jennifer Hillier releases July 15, 2014

“ONE OF US” by Tawni O’Dell releases August 19, 2014

“CRY FATHER” by Benjamin Whitmer releases September 16, 2014

“LOVE AND TREASURE”, a novel by Ayelet Waldman releases April 1, 2014

“AND THE DARK SACRED NIGHT”, a novel by Julia Glass releases April 1, 2014

“THE CASEBOOK”, a novel by Mona Simpson releases May 1, 2014

“THE PAINTER”, a novel by Peter Heller releases May 9, 2014

“THE SON” by Jo Nesbo releases May 15, 2014

“The Blood Promise”: A Hugo Marston Novel by Mark Pryor Jan ’14

“The Last Death of Jack Harbin”: A Samuel Craddock Mystery by Terry Shames Jan ’14

“Castle Rock” by Carolyn Hart Feb ’14,

“In the Morning I’ll Be Gone”: A Detective Sean Duffy Novel (Book Three of the Troubles Trilogy) by Adrian McKinty Mar ’14, Trade Paperback

“Dante’s Poison”: A Mark Angelotti Novel by Lynne Raimondo May ’14

“No Stone Unturned”: An Ellie Stone Mystery by James W. Ziskin Jun ’14

“Reckless Disregard”: A Parker Stern Novel by Robert Rotstein Jun ’14,

“The Black Hour” by Lori Rader-Day Jul ’14

“Blind Moon Alley”: A Jersey Leo Novel  by John Florio Aug ’14

“Cat on a Cold Tin Roof”: An Eli Paxton Mystery by Mike Resnick Aug ’14

“The Button Man”: A Hugo Marston Novel by Mark Pryor Sep ’14

“The Sun Is God” by Adrian McKinty Sep ’14

“Black Karma”: A White Ginger Novel by Thatcher Robinson Oct ’14

“Dead Broke in Jarrett Creek”: A Samuel Craddock Mystery by Terry Shames Oct ’14

“The Life We Bury” by Allen Eskens  Nov ’14

“Deadly Ruse”: A Mac McClellan Mystery by E. Michael Helms Nov ’14

“MISSING YOU” by Harlan Coben releases March 18, 2014

“A WANTED WOMAN” by Eric Jerome Dickey releases April 15, 2014

“SUSPICION” by Joseph Finder releases May 27, 2014

“WHAT HAS BECOME OF YOU” by Jan Elizabeth Watson releases May 1, 2014

“THE LORD CAME AT TWILIGHT” by Daniel Mills available now







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