Why do we love Horror, guest post from Valerie Wilson

Top 4 Websites from Which to Buy Horror Memorabilia

You’re that type. You live for it! The blood, gore, screams, and shrieks just get you every time, and you love the adrenaline rush. There will be no mellow music, chick flicks, or romance movies on your TV. Fingernail scratches, pitch-black scenes of horror, and rapid heartbeat responses.

Got it.


You are not alone! Millions of others share your passion, and finding horror memorabilia to honor your passion is not so difficult. Narrowing down the search can be a bit cumbersome though, so – look no further.

  1. The Prop Store is just plain fun. Searching around this website will eat some time and get your imagination popping with your favorite scenes from every horror movie you’ve ever seen. From the costumes to the masks to the props, gadgets, and more, get ready for some smirks.



Rough day on the Little League field?Look out. He’s pissed!


  1. The Horror Warehouse has the mother load. From posters to toys to comics, masks, and props, you’ll find it all here. This website also has a few fun links, as well. There’s a great listing of competitions to consider; if the horror genre is your passion, you can consider making your next vacation to the Destination of All Things Freaky and create quite the photo op for yourself!


He’s tired. He gets stuck in that yawn mode a lot. Needs a little sun, too, don’t you think? He seems a little pale.


  1. eBay: Thousands of others join you in your love-of-all-things-gory. The ever-popular eBay is always loaded with the best prices on the two most popular items for those movies. Check here before anywhere else if you’re just looking for something for the walls or you DVD player.


Don’t want Girl Scouts to come knocking on your door? Um. This could be a good way to keep them away…and to get the local cops to come say “hi,” too!


  1. Movie Memorabilia: This site is a crack-up. Interested in a replica of the Dark Knight “Wanted” poster when The Joker was on the loose? Or how about an authentic police badge from Batman? From crime scene tape to the ugliest heads and bulging eyes you’ve ever see, this is just a fun one to click around. Here, you can bid on dozens of props that were actually used in films – from fake food to cash to artifacts from Indiana Jones films, this is a great online store to consider.


You don’t just want to just watch and scream; you actually want to be SURROUNDED by this stuff. If Psycho, Nights of the Living Dead, The Exorcist, The Shining, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are your “thing,” then take a look at these websites, and have some fun building your collection.

All of these websites accept credit cards online, so a quick click of your bloody mouse and you’ll have guts and gore delivered right to your door step. Set the stage for your movie décor or your next Halloween or Freaky Party – and let the good times roll!

Valerie J. Wilson is a freelance writer for many companies. She enjoys writing about entertainment, marketing, and health and wellness.



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