Guest Blogger Sarah Brooks: Does What We Read Online Have Anything to Do with What Movies We Like?

Does What We Read Online Have Anything to Do with What Movies We Like?

What’s your favorite scary movie?

The internet is what we turn to for just about anything. Am I right, or am I right? We read the news, catch up on sports and the latest celebrity gossip, check the weather and our emails, and read reviews of the latest books, movies, and restaurants. What we read online can affect how we dress for the day, what type of mood we’re in, where we plan on dining for lunch, and what movie we plan on seeing over the weekend.

More specifically, though, just how much does what we read online affect the types of movies we see?

In short, it affects us greatly. Studies show that online reviews play a dominant role in box office sales. If reviews are good, sales are high; if reviews are poor, sales are low.

Horror movies are a perfect example of this effect. Some movies – such as the Twilight saga, Star Wars trilogy, or Harry Potter films – will be popular no matter what the reviews say. Every movie critic out there could give Twilight one star, and the theaters would still be packed. Horror and suspense films, on the other hand, are more impacted by reviews since they affect us emotionally.

Say, for example, you love suspense films but can’t handle the sight of blood and gore. You’ll most likely read online reviews before venturing into the theater or renting the movie from Netflix or the nearest Redbox. What you read will greatly impact your decision to see the movie. If online reviewers stated the movie was “scary and suspenseful, without any gore,” you’re sold. If, on the other hand, online reviewers stated it was “scary and suspenseful, and full of blood and guts,” you’ll most likely choose a different movie to see.

The same rings true for other genres, but horror and suspense films are still the most affected by online reviews. Comedies, for example, aren’t as heavy on the emotions as horror movies are, so even if the reviews are poor, you may still be inclined to see it, knowing you won’t be scared out of your mind.

What types of people like horror movies, anyways?

Studies show that people who seek adventure and thrill in life are usually more likely to enjoy a horror film than people who don’t. People who read suspense novels, watch CSI and other crime shows, and are fascinated by kidnappings and murders are also more likely to watch a horror movie.

If a kidnapping or murder were to happen in your area, horror movie sales would go up because the interest would peak due to the occurrence of the real-life event. Horror movies also increase your heart rate and cause a spike in adrenaline, two things that thrill-seekers live for.

Point in closing

Yes, what we read online has an effect on what types of movies we like and see. Since horror and suspense films affect our emotions more than action movies and comedies, we’re much more inclined to read the reviews carefully and make choices based on those reviews. Comedies, action movies, and dramas don’t have a strong physical or emotional effect on us, so we’ll see the movie simply if our favorite actor is in it, even if it got horrible reviews.

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