Why do we love Horror?? guest blogger: Heather Legg

Horror Collectibles: A Hobby or an Obsession?


Everyone needs a hobby. Some like a hobby as something to distract them from the day-to-day grind, something to do in their spare time or even as a social outlet. Almost anything can be a hobby, from collections to gardening to motorcycles. And if you are a collector, you can collect pretty much anything that strikes your fancy….even horror memorabilia.


What are horror collectibles?


So you can’t get enough of Nightmare on Elm Streetand you want a sweater like Freddy Krueger? You like to decorate in the genre of the Addams Family or Tim Burton. Well, it sounds like you’re into horror collectibles. These are all of those iconic items from the horror movies and shows we all know so well – Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, plus all the Tim Burton flicks like Corpse Bride and Sweeney Todd, and even anything to do with zombies, vampires, and any other creepy creature.


You can find websites devoted to horror collectibles and merchandise, items abound on eBay and Amazon, and there are whole communities of collectors out there who collect, trade, and share their beloved horror collectibles. Sure it’s an awesome subject for a collection, but what’s the difference between horror collectibles as a hobby and as an obsession?


You think it’s a hobby…


When you collect horror collectibles, whether all from a single movie (well, let’s say a single movie series, since you know how these things roll) or from the whole host of horror memorabilia, you can call it a hobby. Maybe you have a designated spot in your home to hang your Michael Myers mask or an area to house your collectibles. Sure, you may talk about it with your friends sometimes, even take some time on the weekends or spare time to shop for the stuff, go to a horror convention, or hang out online searching for more information and memorabilia.


You like other things, too. Your work interests you, and you enjoy hanging with friends even without horror collectible discussion (but it’s still okay to spend time on it!). You don’t need your horror fix every day, but your collectibles do bring you pleasure. Sounds like it’s still a hobby.


Could it be an obsession…


That small area you used to store your collectibles has gotten bigger and bigger; you’re finding you have less room for other things. Your home is starting to look a little too macabre, and people are starting to think of you as “that horror guy.” Your friends are getting a little tired of hearing you only talk about your horror collection, and they no longer want to see your newest acquisition, no matter how cool it is. Maybe you’re taking time at work to search for the latest and greatest horror addition, or you’re spending way too much money on the items – so much that you don’t have money to do other things, or worse, pay your bills. If these things are going on or you are using all of your time to improve your collection, to the point of not eating, sleeping, working, or socializing – this may be an obsession (no matter how cool horror stuff is).


Hobbies are great – they’re healthy and give people something to do that really interests them. Obsessions aren’t healthy – they consume people and are detrimental to their wellbeing. And if someone doesn’t like the idea that your collection is about horror stuff, that doesn’t mean it’s an obsession – it can still be a healthy hobby. It’s when it consumes you that it’s out of hand. Keep your horror collection to a hobby, and if you notice it’s getting out of hand, try to back away a little. If you can’t, it may be time to find a little help.


Heather Legg is a blogger who writes on family issues, healthy lifestyles, and how to find the right gutter guards.

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