The Price

by:  Nightgirl

“It’s not like that. It’s more complicated then than that, Carrie,” Jack said into the phone. He glanced around
the empty living room, tears in his eye. She wouldn’t understand how hard this was for him, and he couldn’t tell

“How can it not be that simple, Jack? What makes it complicated?” He could hear her voice on the verge of
tears. He had done that. The only woman he had ever loved, and he was bringing her to tears. He watched
the rain fall, knowing that he couldn’t answer her questions. All she was asking was why, and he couldn’t tell

“Please Jack.” He could hear her tears now, and he knew he was crushing her.

“I’m sorry.” He didn’t give her time to respond. He couldn’t even mutter the words goodbye. Tears fell from his
eyes, but it was better this way. She was safer not knowing, and he knew this.

He turned to glance one last time at the living room. He had only lived here for six months, and should have
known better then fall for the target’s daughter. He shook his head trying to keep the tears back.

The day he had attended the party, she had been there. A simple servant, he had thought. A well known rich
man was bound to have them. Her smile was heavenly, that was what attracted him to hear. She wore a blue
cocktail dress and carried an empty tray of wine. He had tried to ignore her as he looked for his target.

He only needed to get a good shot, and then it would be over. He would prove his worth, and be accepted.
That's what he wanted, and needed. He could have had it, but she was there. Her blue eyes full of sorrow and
fear caught his attention. She looked just like Claire, but he should have known better

They all had told him that his heart ran his mind, but until now he didn’t believe them. Now though, he knew
that he was not meant for this job. He couldn’t kill for money any more than he could kill for his life. They told
him the job was not for the faint of heart, and he believed deep down that he could kill. Now though he knew
the truth.

He had to finish the job, or he would be the one in the grave. He had to kill the love of his life’s father, and he
had to do it before midnight. His green eyes glanced at his wrist watch. Only thirty minutes left, it was time to
leave. It was time to kill.

He ran his long fingers through his thick brown hair, and closed his eyes trying to forget that soon he would
have to kill. Soon he would become a new person, and soon he would be expected to kill until he was not
needed anymore. This is the life he picked, and now he was cursed to live it.

He stepped out into the pouring rain letting it wash away his pain, but he knew nothing could do that. Not
even the rain he once loved. He locked the door with his shaking fingers, and slowly turned to face his future.
He was only minutes away from his future, but already hours away from his past.

Somehow he made it to her house. She wouldn’t be home, and he knew that. Carrie was broken now, and she
needed time to heal. He knew she was on her way to the beach, and wouldn’t be back for the next twenty-
four hours. He closed his eyes remembering everything she had told him, remembering every kiss she ever gave
him, and remembering the promises he had made her.

The rain poured down drenching him, but he stood there in her driveway remembering everything that had
happened since the party. He wasn’t suppose to fall in love, an assassin is not supposed to have the ability to
love. Tears streamed down as he stared at the three-story house before him, the house full of memories that
were better off forgotten.

He took the step he knew would be the hardest, but from there his unsteady steps only grew to be more
difficult. With each step he remembered what he was giving up, and what was now expected of him. Every
time his boots splashed through the water he knew that his time was limited. Soon he wouldn’t be Jack Norris
Carter. He wouldn’t be the son of Norris Jack Carter and Amanda Josepha Carter. He wouldn’t be the youngest
of six, and he wouldn’t be the father three.

He took in the deep breath and knocked on the door. He could hear the shuffling of three sets of feet. Fear
struck through the fiber of his being. He had to know she was safe, that’s why he ended it the way he did.
She needed to leave, but she didn’t. He rested his hand on the hand gun, and tried to calm his fears. She was
here, how could have he been so stupid?

He closed his eyes counting down the seconds till the door would open. It would be hard enough killing his
target, but now he was going to be forced to kill all of them. He was going to be forced to kill three people,
and there was nothing he could do about it. More tears streamed from his eyes, and he knew it was too late

He heard the locks click on the door, and he listed to the silenced whispers. He listed as the deadbolt turned,
fear exploding through his calm body. He watched with fearful eyes as the door handle turned. There was
nothing he could do now. Nothing that could change these three people’s fates.

The door swung open slowly, slower than he had expected. She stood there, tears in her eyes. She didn’t
wear the smile he loved, and behind her eyes was accusation. Her hand shook, and she couldn’t meet his
glare, but if she had what would she had seen? She wouldn’t see the battle in his head, or the tears he had
been crying mentally. All his beloved would see was the cold stare he had been forced to wear for the past
two weeks. How would she know that he was dying on the inside?

"Come in,” Her voice was below a whisper. The tears in her blue eyes killed him, but he stepped by her. He
waited as he always did, and she disappeared through the arch way. His shaking hand still rested on the gun,
and he heard the muffled voices from the study. There was more than three, but he didn’t dare count. He only
had fifteen minutes left to kill everyone in that study.

He pulled the gun out, and hid it behind his trembling body as he remembered that he had only loaded two
bullets that morning. One for his beloved’s father and one for himself. He had been trained not to miss, but
now he stood in the entrance of their mutely-dollar home with only two bullets.

“Jack.” She said his name with fear. He looked at her beautiful body, the body he had loved, and felt his heart
break one more time. “Daddy wants a word with you.” She couldn’t conceal the tears or her shaking body. She
was scared, more scared then she had ever been in her life, but why.

He could only nod, but he knew his voice would not betray him. He had been trained to hide behind his mask,
even in front of the one he loved.

She led the way to her father’s study, even though he had been there many times. As the door opened he
waited for the voice that would soon be no more. Before he had time to react Carrie was grabbed by her out
reaching arm, and her scream was silenced.

He held the gun before him, his hand now steady fear overcoming him. He pushed the door open further with
his left boot as he took in everything before him. Carrie, his love, was held at gut point by Mr. Snider. The
woman he loved, the one he had tried to keep safe was now in the arms of the man who hired him for this job.
How could have this happened after trying to avoid it. The lies he had told to stay here, and stay with her
were wasted. How different would her life be if he had just walked away? If he had killed her father at the
party would have her life been endangered?

Jack continued his sweep of the room, but he keep Carrie in his site at all times. Her father was also held at
gun point by another assassin. He didn’t dare close his eyes and think; he just stood there breathing in and

“Hello, Jack. I had a feeling you would be joining us this afternoon.” Mr. Snider’s voice was cold. He smiled as
he took in Jack’s steady appearance almost in approval.

“Mr. Snider.” Jack said almost as cold, but he deep down he was crying. Even though he watched as a man
who didn’t care on the inside he was breaking apart.

“You know the rules, Jack.” Mr. Snider said almost with joy behind his words. Jack did know the rules, and
even though he tried to avoid it he had to kill them both. He was assigned to kill Carrie’s father, but he had
grown to emotionally involved with the family. The rules stated to stay a distant emotionally from all members
of the family, but he had broken that rule. Now he had to pay the price.

“Kill him first, make her watch.” Mr. Snider’s voices echoed through the room. He was being forced to make her
suffer, and he couldn’t do anything to save her now. He had done this to her, he knew the rules and he broke
the. He knew the price he would have to pay if they ever found him, and yet he still risked her life.

Jack turned the gun from Mr. Snider and pointed it at the man who had given him his daughter’s hand. He
pointed the gun at the man his love loved the most. He didn’t think about anything as he pulled the trigger
that ended the man’s life. There was only one bullet left, and he already knew who it belonged to. He couldn’t’
turn to face her. He couldn’t look at the woman he loved, and kill her too. He couldn’t do that, but yet he had

He was taught not to show emotion, and not to show hesitation. That was how you lost, if it be your life or
something else. Now he understood as inside of him he battled, but outside he showed nothing. Carrie stood
there mere feet from him afraid for her life and sobbing tears, but he didn’t show any compassion. He was
killer, nothing less and nothing more. Her perfect blue eyes begged for her life, and inside of him he was falling

He held the gun out toward her, and before he had time to think he pulled trigger. She didn’t have time to cry
out, and for that he was glad. His hand didn’t shake as he tossed the hand gun to the ground. His eyes didn’t
water as he looked down at the dead body. Inside of him he felt nothing.


“Gavin Torres.” His green eyes looked over his new identity. It had been nine years since they buried Carrie.
Nine years that he once believed he would never start. He tossed the empty bottle into the trash can, listing
to the clunking noise of glass on glass. How many bottles had he drunk in the past three days?

He didn’t feel anymore. He could no longer feel the broken heart he knew he had. After he stared at Carrie’s
unmoving body, and felt nothing he knew that his last test had been fulfilled. He didn’t understand when you
took the job, but they read into his past. They knew who he would fall for. They gave him six months to enjoy
and to fall in love, and then they asked him to kill her.

He didn’t understand that his first kill would be a test, but now he did as he watched countless others he
trained be put through the same test. Not everyone could kill the woman they loved, and then he was forced
to kill them after making the watch the woman they love die. It was part of the job, and after nine years of
killing and training he knew the job better than anyone.

Nobody grew to the distant coldness that he did, most still felt after they killed. Most beat themselves night
after night until they finally begged for their life to be taken. Jack had grown in rank through the years, and
now he was higher than what Mr. Snider had once been. All his accomplishments, but nothing to show for
them. He picked up his gun as he turned to leave. Another home would be torched another life would be lost.
He would move on to his next assignment, and for that he was grateful.