Jane Tesh
"On this nice July morning in Parkland, North
Carolina, the office of Madeline Maclin
Investigations might as well have been an
Egyptian tomb: hot, dusty, and dead."

It doesn’t help that her landlord Reid Kent,
does a brisk business…and briskly hits on Mac
to rejoin his agency. He maintains no one will
hire a former Miss Parkland as a serious PI.

Mac has been friends forever with Jerry
Fairweather. Jerry claims to be psychic and is,
unlike his two brothers, somewhat screwy. And
he refuses to claim a share in the Fairweather
fortune. But he shares some good news with
Mac—his Uncle Val has died and left him a

The two friends drive out to Celosia, a half hour
away, where they discover a local beauty
pageant in trouble and a house just perfect for
setting up shop. A Psychic Shop.

The arrival of lawyer Olivia, Jerry's shark-like
girlfriend, rouses both Mac's interest in the
mystery at the pageant and the one in her own

And then comes the first murder….
Jane Tesh has created an excellent mystery series
featuring Madeline Maclin.  Set a small North
Carolina town, Jane pulls you in from the beginning
of "A Case of Imagination" til the end of "A Hard
Bargain."  Madeline Maclin is wonderful and
delighful character, finding her way from beauty
queen to private investigator.  

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Exclusive Interview with Jane Tesh
Who would you say has been your biggest inspiration?  

Fantasy author Terry Pratchett.  I admire the way he can mix humor, drama, and pathos and get
a message across without hammering it in.

What is your all-time favorite book?

That's hard to say!  A Wrinkle in Time had quite an effect on me when I was 13.  And I love
Tolkien's trilogy.

How long do you normally take to research your book?

About a month. There's not a lot to research; it's all made up!

What is on your Ipod now?

I don't have an Ipod. I listen to ragtime and traditional jazz CDs.

Do you have any superstitions when you write, little quirks, etc?

No, but I eat a lot of peanuts.

If you could solve any mystery for yourself, what would it be?

Is there a heaven, and can I get in?

If you could talk to any person, Alive or Dead, for one hour, who would it be?

English humorist P.G. Wodehouse.  I greatly admire his plotting and his dialog.

I love to hear stories from authors about their first published book, how did you get it

I have been writing all my life and sending manuscripts out for over 30 years.  I finally got an
agent, but she was unable to sell a book called Stolen Hearts because she felt the hero should be
a woman.  I couldn't change him, because that would change everything, so I wrote A Case of
Imagination with a female protagonist.  However, my agent didn't like it, so I asked if I could send
it out on my own.  She agreed.  I happened to see a listing for Poisoned Pen Press at my sister's
house. At that time, PPP was taking unagented manuscripts.  I sent them A Case of Imagination,
and they bought it!  (This was 2 months after I retired from my school librarian job -- great

What future plans can you tell us about?  

Right now, the editor of PPP is reading Lost and Found, the first book in a new series (of which
Stolen Hearts is the third book) I hope she will take the entire series of 15 books.

And there is a third book about Madeline and Jerry in the works.

When you are not writing, what do you like to do for fun?

I play the piano for shows at the Andy Griffith Playhouse, our local community theater.