What has been your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is the Great Outdoors.  I don't like to rely on anyone to inspire me.  Inevitably, I'm just
going to get disappointed when I find out they did steroids, had sex with a minor in a XXX theater, or beat
their dog.  No one's perfect, and I don't expect them to be, but even I have my standards.  On the other
hand, there's nothing like the wide open beauty of nature, and it never fails to disappoint.  Mountains and
ocean, whatever, as long as there's no one around to ruin it.

What is your favorite all-time book?
Favorite all-time book: The Dead Zone, by Stephen King.

How long does it take for you to research a book?
I like to experience the stuff I write about.  If I can't do it myself, I speak to people who have done the stuff.
There are some things even I'm not crazy enough to do it, but I will research it.  I confess, I use the Internet
for a lot of it, but I try to keep track of my sources.  

What is on your Ipod?
Music on my iPod is Brand New, Ra, Atreyu, Apocalyptica, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Adema, Static-X.  
Video on my iPod is The Crow, Spider-Man, Snatch, The Italian Job, Ocean 11, The Shooter, and all the
Bourne movies. Audiobooks on my iPod are DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, not much else.  Got bored with
listening to books.

Do you have any superstitions or little quirks when you write?
I gotta have music while I write, preferrably through earphones.  In the absence of that, I gotta have some
kind of background noise.

What mystery would you solve for yourself?
If your asking, I'll have to say Area 51.  There's gotta be more stuff in there than just dead aliens.  Or maybe
it's just a warehouse facility for old C-rations.

Who would you like to sit down and talk with for an hour?
I'd love to talk to Nicolas Cage.  He's my favorite actor, but even more so, he's an avid comic book collector.

Give us your story on how you got your first book published?
Not much to tell about how I first got published.  Sent my manuscript to Wolf Pirate and about a hundred
other places and got lucky.  The editor at Wolf Pirate liked the storyline but was a little cranky about it being
skeletal.  I said I had a more comprehensive version of it that I shaved down because all the other publishing
houses wanted to keep the word count down to a measely 80,000 words or so.  When the editor showed an
interest in seeing that, I shipped it out.  She liked it but wasn't overall thrilled about taking it until I worked
with one of her editors.  I think it was a test to see if I was serious about writing.  (I get that a lot).  She put
me through the wringer, but I pulled it out without cracking up, and there you have it.  I'll give her this, she
runs a hard curriculum but didn't charge a dime for all that work.

What future plans can you tell us about?
I plan on furthering my education through a series of hard knocks.  Life experience beats out college any day.  
Ever taken a look at the job market out there.  Writing doesn't pay the average bear to live comfortably, so
I'm fielding my options.  I've got another book I'm finishing up, but I don't delude myself into thinking it's
anything more than a hobby at this point.  Hell, I've got bills to pay.  Maybe when I'm comfortable in that
area, I'll start pushing pipe dreams.  But I just like seeing them in print right now.

When you are not writing, what do you do for fun?
Ha, what I do for fun.  What don't I do?  I like outdoor sports: snowboarding, hiking, all kinds of water
recreation.  Inside, I'll hit the casinos, movies, arcades, bars.  I also like going to any team sport game:
football, hockey, basketball, but not baseball.  That's a snooze fest.
David Wren
David Wren is another very talented author from Wolf Pirate
Books!  David's book Entangled, is an excellent and
suspenseful ride!  David's site will be expanded, but he has
been on the road the last couple of weeks.  His book is also
available right now on the
Wolf Pirate Books Website.
Eric Roman is a healthy twenty-one year old
American boy with the idyllic life.  Having learned
that a congenital heart defect, which kept him from
enjoying the rigors of childhood, was
misdiagnosed, he intends to pack as much extreme
living he can into his life before deciding what to do
with his future  His parents aren't happy with this
decision and want him to settle down with school
and an internship at his father's company.  When
Eric resists, he finds the repercussions are deadly.
As his life spins wildly out of control, he learns
things about his parents no child should ever
discover.  And worse, about himself.
Notes from David:

In the spirit of pointing out that there’s a wealth of reading material available to everyone, I’ve
decided to make a list of recommendations for the following subjects.  For all those who don’t have
leisure time to read a full novel, there’s always more condensed versions to consider.  

So, here goes:

Movies: Iron Man

Recommended Reading:  Marvel Universe Iron Man

Yes, comic books (a.k.a. graphic novels) are great reading.  They are visual stimuli.  If you can’t get
a kid hooked on a book, start with a comic book.  Hint: for horny teens, start with Image’s sexy
lady superheroes. But in regard to Tony Starks, he’s a player himself.

Songs: Sixx A.M.’s The Heroin Diaries

Recommended Reading: The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx

Done as part graphic novel, part diary, part photo album, this is required reading for all those who
glamorize drug use, celebrity, and rock and roll.  Although it is lengthy in page count, the format is
sectioned for brief reading. The music CD of the same name is the soundtrack to the book and is

Video Games: Devil May Cry IV

Recommended Reading: Devil May Cry (Graphic Novel)

Comic of the same video game character.  Spectacular artwork rivaling the graphics in the video.  
Cocky hotshot demon hunter, Dante, is reflected in the same manner, although this is a separate
storyline.  Note: Fourth installment of the video game has sexy girl-on-girl demon action.

Get-aways: New York City

Recommended Reading: The Ultimates (Marvel Comics series)

Gives you a look at what a bunch of superheroes can do to a city when one goes wrong.  This takes
the Avengers to a whole new level with an unabashed look at cultural taboos, like alcoholism and
domestic abuse.  And these are the good guys.

Sports: Colorado Avalanche

Recommended Reading: Blood Feud: Detroit Red Wings v. Colorado Avalanche: The Inside
Story of Pro Sports' Nastiest and Best Rivalry of Its Era

Okay, maybe this doesn’t fall in the category of quick reading, at 264 pages, but, hey, it’s a blood
feud between two rival teams in a sport where fighting is an acceptable part of the game.  Not like
those posers in other sports.  On the other hand, nothing beats the game in person.
Interview with David Wren
Suspense Magazine Review
Wren’s debut novel, Entangled, takes readers on a mind-blowing journey in the chaotic
life of Eric Roman.  Readers have no choice but to share in Roman’s anxiety, fear and
amazement as he learns the damning truth behind his very existence.  Wren delivers a
tale that is exciting on its own and you will find yourself wondering about the real life