SP Authors

About six years ago we decided to start publishing books. We saw that there were authors out there that have such incredible talent, but for some reason were not able to find a publisher. For the last six years we have published over 80 books with ten of them winning a award. From the Tony Hillerman Award (two-time winner) to the Florida Book Awards, Suspense Publishing gives the reader exactly what you have been looking for, great stories. Meet our authors and check out their work. Click on each cover to find out more about the book.

Paul Kemprecos #1 NY Times Bestseller

(Aristotle Socarides Series)





(Matt Hawkins Series)





Joseph Badal (Tony Hillerman Winner)

(Danforth Series)





(Lassiter / Martinez Case Files #1)





(Cycle of Violence Series)





(Stand Alone Thrillers)





Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly (Miami Examiner Best Fiction books of 2012 winner)

(God Tools Series)





(Stand Alone Thrillers)





Sheila Lowe (Forensic Handwriting Expert)

(Forensic Handwriting Mystery Series)





(Stand Alone Thriller)





Willie Nikkel

(Jack Ferrell Adventure Series)





(Jack Ferrell Novella)





J. M. Leduc

(Trilogy of the Chosen Series)





(Sinclair O’Malley Series)





(Phantom Squad Series)





Amy Lignor

(Tallent and Lowery Series)





(The Angel Chronicles)





Susan Santangelo

(Baby Boomer Mystery Series)





Robert Kidera (Tony Hillerman Award Winner)





Kathleen Antrim





Barbara Petty





Myles Knapp