Review “The Undrowned” by K.R. Alexander

the undrowned k.r. alexander

the undrowned k.r. alexander

Review “THE UNDROWNED” By K.R. Alexander

I call it “Goosebumps” horror—the perfect clash between scary and original that gets kids turning the pages at a fast pace. I know that’s what I was doing when I read K.R. Alexander’s, “The Undrowned,” devouring it all in one day when I really ought to have done my homework.

Samantha, the protagonist, is not someone you would expect to be the hero. Samantha’s life is falling apart; her parents are always fighting and bound to get a divorce, she never speaks with her sister, and their homelife is far from stable. She thought her only friend was Rachel, but after Rachel betrays her, Samantha has nobody.

Something goes terribly wrong near the lake of their little town. Samantha can’t hold back her rage against Rachel, and one push near the lake’s edge is enough for Rachel to trip, heading straight into the water. And she doesn’t resurface, because she can’t swim. Samantha realizes the horrible thing she has done and she feels truly awful, but she can’t afford to be caught either. She tries to hide what she did, but something unfathomable happens; Rachel shows up the next day at school. Fine. Perfect. Like nothing ever happened.

Except Rachel is not herself. Something sinister is lurking about, and it is out to make Samantha’s life miserable. Whatever Rachel has become may be aiming to make sure Samantha feels everything Rachel felt as she plummeted into that water, and in the worst ways possible.

With an unlikely, but surprisingly lovable protagonist, I was enthralled by this story of Samantha and a mysterious creature from the lake. The monster is utterly superb, and the events that led up to the final showdown had me on the edge of my seat. I loved every word.

Review “The Undrowned” by K.R. Alexander

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