Review “The Other Mrs.” by Mary Kubica

the other mrs. mary kubica

the other mrs. mary kubica

Review “THE OTHER MRS.” By Mary Kubica

Mary Kubica has done it again with “The Other Mrs.”. This story follows Sadie as she and her husband Will, along with their two sons Otto and Tate, move from Chicago to Maine after Will’s sister dies. They’ve been left the house and also custody of Imogen, Will’s niece, a rebellious sixteen-year-old girl. Sadie welcomes the move after discovering Will’s affair with a woman named Camille; they all want a fresh start.

After an adjustment period, a neighbor named Morgan is killed, leaving behind her husband and six-year-old stepdaughter. The police question the whole neighborhood, and that’s when Sadie becomes aware that her own stories and timelines don’t add up. Suddenly she begins to question her own involvement. She sets out to prove her innocence, discovering that maybe Morgan wasn’t as apple-pie as she seemed. Right around this time, we discover that Camille has returned and will stop at nothing to get Will back.

The story is primarily told from 3 points of view—Sadie, Camille, and six-year-old “Mouse” who tells tales of her evil stepmother. As their lives intertwine, you’ll be on a thrill ride to the very end.

I loved the book. Twists and turns are my absolute favorite, and I had this one figured out, right up until I didn’t. One last surprise point of view blew me away! This may be Mary Kubica’s best yet.

Review “The Other Mrs.” by Mary Kubica

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