Review “The Last Day” by Andrew Hunter Murray

review andrew hunter murray

review andrew hunter murray

Review “THE LAST DAY” By Andrew Hunter Murray

This is one of those grab your attention debuts that take the world of thrillers to a new level. Readers meet Ellen Hopper in this tale that combines espionage tactics with unbelievable secrets that may just bring about the end of the world…again.

From the very beginning your addiction to Ellen grows. We begin in 2059. It has been forty years (yes, check your calendar) since the Earth’s rotation stopped because of a solar catastrophe that changed lives and the planet for all time. One half of Earth must deal with 24/7 sunshine that causes essential problems, while the other half is bathed in darkness.

It is America that has colonized the southern half of Great Britain. Both nations live in this small area because it is the only place left where survival can be maintained. Unfortunately, when you get a lot of people in one place, chaos also reigns.

Ellen gave up her loyalty to her country when everything turned violent. She lives on a rig in the brutally cold Atlantic Ocean in order to stay far from the authoritarianism that’s cropped up, almost casually. One day, however, her world is invaded by two officials from the government who demand that Ellen return to London in order to visit a college mentor of hers who is now facing death.

But her friend is not the only thing she meets up with; what she uncovers is a secret so huge that it truly will wipe out the entire human race if it’s not stopped.

Every page of this one is action-packed and exciting. It is always a thrill to welcome a brand-new debut author into the world, and by starting out with this fantastic tale, Andrew Hunter Murray looks like he will be around for a good long time to come.

Reviewed by Amy Lignor, author of “The Double-Edged Sword,” published by Suspense Publishing, an imprint of Suspense Magazine

Review “The Last Day” by Andrew Hunter Murray

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