Review “Death In Avignon” by Serena Kent

death in avignon serena kent

death in avignon serena kent

Review “DEATH IN AVIGNON” By Serena Kent

The beauty of France nearly steals the show in this one as the writer vividly describes the location where her lead character experiences a mystery of monumental proportions.

Penelope Kite had what most would call a tumultuous summer. Grateful to be settling down in Provence and getting used to her new life, Penelope is basically in love with her daily routine. Who wouldn’t be? After all, we’re talking about lovely evenings, amazing weather, new friends with new stories to tell, and so much more. She’s doubly excited over heading to an exclusive art gallery opening escorted by the handsome mayor of St. Merlot.

But the Avignon art world becomes tainted when Roland Doncaster—who is known by many to be a somewhat controversial painter—dies from choking on an almond-stuffed olive. There are many things that this could have stemmed from; a simple accident where no one is in the wrong, to a murder by poisoning at the hands of a rival painter. Penny Kite becomes embroiled in the tragic circumstances as she tries to bring the truth to light. But as the pool of jealous lovers, charming art dealers, and new friends that until recently were unknown to Penny grows deeper, she finds her work cut out for her in order to bring justice to the fallen man.

This is the second in the series, but the author has done a fantastic job of offering data on Penny’s previous case as well as her past, her more than selfish step-children, and more so that the reader never feels lost if they missed out on the first book.

A solid sequel to what will most likely be a great mystery series that fans will enjoy for years to come.

Review “Death in Avignon” by Serena Kent

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