Review “A Nearly Normal Family” by M.T. Edvardsson


By M.T. Edvardsson 

Yes, we are talking about a brilliant legal thriller here that has all the ingredients readers are looking for: a murder, a trial, and an odd choice for a killer, all wrapped up in the story of a very memorable family. 

Told in three sections from each member of the small family, readers are taken through the mystery from the viewpoints of the father who is a pastor to the outside world and an over-controlling man to his family; the rebellious teen named Stella who has a lot to share regarding the family and its’ vices; and the absent mother who “checks out” on a daily basis as she lives the majority of her life in courtrooms as a successful attorney. 

The accused standing trial for the brutal murder of a man fifteen years her senior, is eighteen-year-old Stella. This is an ordinary girl from what others call an upstanding local family. No one can figure out why Stella would possibly kill some shady businessman that she had no background of knowing in the first place. 

Her pastor father and her lawyer mom are also locked in an odd place. They want to save their daughter, yet because of who they are and the backgrounds they have, they feel like their morals are being tested. They don’t understand how or why Stella is even a suspect in this crime, which opens the door to learning what exactly they will do, and what lengths they will go to, in order to save their own child.  

The author has done a brilliant job with this story, keeping the reader riveted at all times as the tale of a truly intricate family is brought to life. 

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