Review “Silent Scream” by Karen Harper


By Karen Harper

Yet another incredible South Shores suspense, author Karen Harper brings fans on a frightening journey into a prehistoric burial site located in ‘The Black Bog’ of Florida.

Claire Britten is a renowned forensic psychologist married to criminal lawyer, Nick Markwood. She works hard and, basically, needs something to clear her mind of what seems like a life of opening graves and viewing a line of never-ending corpses. So when a friend of Claire’s from college calls her with a cool invitation to come on an archaeological dig at a peat bog in Florida, Claire gets excited. Even her husband wants her to get away and enjoy something new and different.

Of course, where Claire is present, oddities seem to appear out of nowhere, which is exactly what happens in The Black Bog. When she discovers that some of the perfectly preserved historical corpses they unearth actually show signs that they died at the hands of something truly grisly, Claire puts on her investigative hat and goes to work.

What she doesn’t know is that this so-called exploration into history, because of her curiosity, has now become a truly dangerous project. And…someone is watching every move she makes. Add in a murder case that Nick is investigating that may just be linked with these long-dead corpses, and you have yet another classic by Karen Harper that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the truth is revealed.

All die-hard readers and suspense lovers know that this series has been bone chilling, and getting your hands on this one will be the perfect way to usher in the New Year.

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