Review “Fractured Truth” by Susan Furlong


By Susan Furlong

In an unforgettable suspense titled, “Splintered Silence” readers were taken to the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee and introduced to the Irish Travellers, and one former Marine MP named Brynn Callahan. Now, Brynn has just put on the uniform of the McCreary County Sheriff’s Department in Bone Gap, Tennessee, and is facing her first “official” homicide.

In frigid February, a cross-country skier is out enjoying the winter weather until he happens upon the mutilated body of a young woman. When Brynn is sent to investigate this brutality, what she is most shocked by is the fact that she knows the deceased. Her name was Maura Keene and she was a fellow Traveller.

Maura was no “quiet” soul, however; she was accepted in both the community of the Travellers, as well as with the townspeople of Bone Gap who tended to stay away from the group. Could there be some hidden bigotry held against Maura that ended up being the catalyst to take her life? Brynn is unaware of any animosity towards Maura, but she also becomes worried seeing as that she, too, is a staple among both communities.

Wilco, her K-9, uncovers even more signs of death and anger when he digs up human bones while on the case, leading to the discovery of a scrap of paper filled with mysterious Latin phrases.

As more evidence comes to light, the case turns from professional to personal for Brynn, and she realizes that Maura was holding on to a secret that was more than dangerous. Brynn must bring this case to a conclusion while fighting her own past and her struggle with PTSD that has been a monkey on her back for some time.

Readers will be locked into these pages, gasping at the superstitions and prejudices that come to life in this more than frightening world. Author Susan Furlong deserves a standing ovation for bringing this ex-Marine back to the pages with an immensely entertaining and scary tale.

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